Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh no, not me! (Monday)

Welcome to my Not Me Monday post...where I confess all my non-doings. Click the button for more info and to participate. And keep praying for sweet Stellan!

My walk/running plans were not dashed yesterday when I realized it was not going to rain I did not wave a white flag of surrender to the TN weather and decide that I would not try again another day. After the time period had passed in which I could run, the skies did not clear...for awhile anyway. Read on.

I did not have a later night last night than I had planned on (which was not due to the bottom falling out of the sky while I was at the pub...which did not spur me to order another drink and stick around for the last set...because I did not forget my umbrella (like it would have done me any good))

Therefore, I did not sleep this morning until the last moment possible.

I have not been sneezing my head off the last 3 days or so. I'm positive this is not due to my 5 mile run/walk in the gorgeousness of Friday, the grass clippings I smelled all day Saturday (have I mentioned that I do not love the smell of freshly cut grass...but it does not wreck havock with my sinus cavities?), and the rain, rain, rain on Saturday evening and Sunday? Oy.

I am not overly excited about the fact that my neighbor asked me to babysit her sweet English bulldog Moxie this weekend. I do not love that dog. Emi does not tolerate her, and they did not have a staredown in the middle of the living room the last time she was here. I do not wish I had grabbed my camera while that was going on. And I most certainly do not realize that Emi would most likely tolerate a puppy brother/sister much better than another cat, and I have never checked into getting an English bulldog of my own. Not me!

I am not hosting a girls night this Friday, and am not already salivating over the menu. However, I am not limiting myself so I don't go overboard on the food or budget. I did not ask all the guests to bring something...and I am not thinking to myself "but what if the food doesn't GO together?" I'm not a control freak. No, no...not me.



Brooke said...

i'm totally a control freak!! :)

happy monday!

ps - my word verification was lorahip. why yes blogger, she is very hip and trendy ;)

Lynda said...

Don't put this post into Wordle... you'll get a great big NOT - lol!

Ashley said...

I'm not a control freak either! who me? haha