Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's Ten -- Whatcha drinkin?

Thank goodness for San Pelligrino water. If it weren't for that fabulous green bottle (which YES I recycle!) I'd probably never get enough water in my system. Yes, I drink tap water most of the time, out of my fabulous Sigg water bottle...but San Pell makes me feel so...I don't know. Grown-up? Classy?

However, it has come to my attention lately that several other beverages often tempt me more than plain 'ol water. Anyone else noticing that? I am trying to lose a few pounds (especially now that my 10 year class reunion has been set for June--aaaaahhhhh!) and I have a feeling that I need to make sure that these drinks don't compose most of my liquid diet :0) But they're SO GOOD!

(I should put a disclaimer here that I really don't drink all of these--or even most of these--every day. But when given the choice of one of them over water...I often yield to the fantastic tastes offered here!)

1. Sweet Tea (with a lime...yum)
2. Coffee (hey, I've got to have something in the mornings!)
3. Diet Coke
4. Bloody Mary
5. Jones Soda (cream soda flavor, to be exact)
6. Stoli Vanil
7. Bubbly Irish Nut (Baileys, Frangelica, club soda...sounds odd but omgosh)
8. White Russian
9. Ocean Spray White Cran-Strawberry Juice
10. V-8 spicy (I know most people think it's disgusting...but it's the closest to a bloody mary I can have before 10 am and not feel guilty. haha)

So...what's holding you back lately from your healthier eating and drinking goals?

Oh and one little bit of housekeeping--if you're one of the winners of my giveaways I FINALLY found the cute little boxes that I always use for my jewelry, so your earrings should be on the way to you very, very soon! I actually was buying just enough for the giveaway winners and a couple of customer orders and Anthony pointed out that perhaps I should get twice that many...and he was right! I had another order yesterday from a lady at my church :0)

In the next 24 hours I'll be posting a couple more awards...

And sometime early next week, get ready for another giveaway! I was a lucky recipient of a giveaway at Lindsey's fabulous blog
a few weeks back, received my stuff early last week, and have finally figured out what I'm going to give as my prize! I want to make sure my other packages get mailed out first though :0)

Finally, I hope to be back more regularly soon...this week's been a little crazy with guests, birthday remnants, and being "out" more with the lady I'm acting as a caregiver for. So not as much time to sit on my butt with the computer :0)



Cammie said...

I wish I had a bloody mary right now. But Im drinking chamomile tea as I type this

Bethany said...

Sweet tea is my major issue, but then again, you already knew that! I've been doing pretty well on the water intake this spring, thank goodness :)

Laura said...

I have a thing for the Pellegrino bottle itself.
Can't explain it.