Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Ten

I'm awfully nostalgic lately as I'm in the process of applying to teach in several area counties. So, this Thursday's Ten is all about teaching, and how it's portrayed on screen. While I had several moments where I felt like the teacher on Charlie Brown (wah-wah-wah-wah), there were also so many moments of inspiration. This list of movies reflects teaching in the way I experienced it. The good, the bad, the wonderful.

(sometime I'll have to start sharing my teaching stories. I truly had some hilarious moments...and there are many, many more to come!)

You'll notice quite a few musically themed teaching movies...naturally :0)

10 Great Teacher Movies

1. Mr Holland's Opus
(I mean, duh. This one's a given)
2. Mona Lisa Smile
(liberal teacher comes to stuffy conservative school and teaches the girls what life is all about...while learning a bit about that herself)
3. Take the Lead
(ballroom dancer begins teaching inner-city students...what begins as their punishment ends beautifully)
4. Doubt
(teachers who care deeply about their students, so much so that they will defy the Church to protect them)
5. Music of the Heart
(gah, I love this one. Keeping arts in education. Nuff said)
6. Stand and Deliver
(teaching students to care. Not an easy task!)
7. Sister Act 2
(besides being hilarious, it's all about an inner-city choir. Um, hello mirror)
8. Lean On Me
(just plain inspiring)
9. Akeelah and the Bee
(beautiful story of a teacher/student)
10. Freedom Writers
(young teacher with lots of creativity...and lots of obstacles)



Anonymous said...

All 10 of these movies are excellent! I enjoyed each and every one. I think you rock for being a teacher!

Shanda said...

I haven't taught for YEARS and still remember all of my own teaching stories...teaching stories are the best!!

Ronn said...

I like your selections, too, especially the ones which embody the spirit of arts in education. The arts in education improve students abilities in so many areas, including academically. That’s why they should be included, not just in and of themselves, but ideally infused into the teaching of the academic curriculum as well. In more than 35 years of teaching students of every age, (and in the new book I just co-authored entitled "Teaching Curriculum Through the Arts") I have been suggesting this to teachers whom I am training to infuse the arts into all aspects of their academic curriculum because of how powerful they are as teaching strategies. I hope you too will teach your curriculum through the arts!

Ronn Kistler, Arts in Education consultant, CES

Megan said...

Let's see, out of that list, I've only heard of and/or seen

Mr. Holland's Opus - AWESOME movie! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Sister Act 2 - funny

I'm sure I've seen Lean On Me, but I don't remember it.

Heard of Akeelah & the Bee, never seen it, although I wanted to.

Freedom Writer's. Awesome! I bought the book after seeing the movie...still need to read it though. Der.

Laura said...

To Sir With Love is one of my favorites (old).