Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday's Song

I had forgotten how amazing Palm Sunday is at St Edward. I skipped out on Woodmont after Sunday school this morning. I have this "thing" for the church and the church calendar, and I wanted--no, needed-- to be in a place where the fact that it was Palm Sunday was not only going to be mentioned in passing but celebrated.

And I was not disappointed.

We waved our palm branches, sang our hosannas, and then I remembered how truly moving this service becomes. Because we who wave our branches in praise, who sing hosanna and welcome to the King...become the crowd who says "Crucify Him!". All in the space of about 15 minutes of liturgy.

It's pretty powerful. The congregation is handed a script, and we are to read the bolded words. I still have mine from this morning. I'm keeping it as a reminder.

Anyway, it was a very meaningful service to me, and the music was especially beautiful. The choir did an AMAZING job. Here's one of the songs they did this morning:

Stay Amazed (Klaus kuehn)

You are enthroned above the heavens
The earth and all creation bow before You
You are crowned with strength and glory
The angels crying holy all surround You
Forever You will stand
Your kingdom has no end

Oh Holy God
I stay amazed
You are so much more than words could ever say
Oh Holy God I pour out my praise
On the One who never ceases to amaze me

You are loving beyond measure
Your presence is a treasure I am seeking
You are all consuming fire I am Your desire and You are mine

Im pouring out my praise on You
Im pouring out my love on You


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