Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday's Walk

Wednesday's Walk

You know, Tennessee has some CRAZY weather.
When I first came to TN I didn't realize that no one here *really* knew how to drive in snow and ice. No problem (so I thought) it doesn't happen here often. Well...I definitely underestimated the IDEA of snow and ice.

One winter's night our freshman year, the forecast called for snow...and ice. And yes, we even saw a flurry or two. However, after a busy night of watching tv and mindless chatter studying, the four of us decided that indeed we needed some ice cream. And we could all hear Maggie Moo's calling to us.

Now, Maggie's closes around 9. We weren't worried though, it was 8 pm and the shop was approximately 15 minutes away in Green Hills.

Well...traffic was insane. And when we got to Green Hills we discovered that everyone had closed early because of the snow! We were sorely disappointed, but decided to go with our backup plan: Sonic. Which was literally less than a mile from our dorm's front door

(While we were out, one of the girls' moms called and fussed at commended us for getting out in the weather. Which made me laugh. There WAS NO WEATHER!)

Plan B. We were NOT happy. A milkshake from Sonic was quite inferior to our original dream of cinnamoo, or vanilla with an add-in...

How many times does my life take a Plan B route? And how many times has God heard me complain about how inferior Plan B is when it really was His original plan all along?

I wonder.



Patricia said...

It is easy for me to grumble and complain when "my plans" don't go as I think they should. Thank you for the reminder that "B" probably was God's plan all along.

April said...

I read in one of your posts recently that you went to Trevecca. I went to Olivet Nazarene (an hour south of Chicago)and I lived there for 6 years after I graduated. We had NO trouble up there driving in 'weather' up there. Not too much scares me after living there for 10 years. It is amazing to me how people drive 'stupid' in the winter especially on the first day it snows even a little bit. :)

Lynnette Kraft said...

Cute story with a good lesson. Plan B to us isn't God's Plan B is it! A good reminder.

HappyascanB said...

Cute story with a great conculsion. Why are we always certain OUR plan A is much better than God's Plan (our Plan B)? We are always wrong!!!!! Ah the memories of silly college times.

Sally-Ann said...

Yep, I have grumbled and fought against plan B on several occassions.

Mya said...

Ahhhhhh..Texas has some crazy's been sweater and jeans weather in the morning then summer clothes by noon.

I hear ya on the people not knowing how to drive on 'ice' LOL

Amy's similar to Maggie Moo's ROCKS! I hear ya loud and clear with the disappointment.

Aspiemom said...

Sometimes our Plan B is God's Plan A. Very good story and reminder!

Ashley said...

I like the underlying lesson here - good one!

Linda said...

Thanks so much for a wonderful thought to ponder! My plan A wasn't meant to be,... when God's plan B is better for me!

In His Love,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits