Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me Monday (3.0)

It was not a beautiful day yesterday, and I did not absolutely love the 75 degree and balmy day. However, overnight the temperature did not drop drastically and it is not 39 degrees and holding at this moment. I am not bummed about this, and as a result have have not sat around with the laptop all morning, do not have my nap blanket (Christmas from A) over my legs, and did not make a pot of coffee at approximately 1:30 pm just to warm up. I do not refuse to turn the heat on in freakin' April!

Oh yeah, I suppose I should tell you what I'm not doing. It's not me monday, and I'm not joining the blog world in confessing what I have and have not done over the past few hours...days...

(this may or may not be the button to click to participate)

{pause for seriousness...this was created by McMama whose baby boy Stellan is still in the hospital, although things are looking better by day. Visit her blog for more current info!}
Ok, so this weekend was not a lot of fun. I did not get to play with a 4 year old boy (who did not make me laugh constantly) and his 10 month old sister (who is not normally a mommy-clingy child, and I was not shocked that she transitioned pretty well to spending a good 30 hours with me).

A typical conversation this weekend did not sound like this:

(at bedtime)
S: Daddy doesn't make me wear pants to bed if I don't want to. Do I have to wear pants to bed?
L: no, Seth, you don't have to wear pants to bed. But please put on your pajama shirt now.

(after Morgan wakes up from her nap)
S: I think we should bring Morgan outside so she can watch us play soccer
(no matter that Lora is unaware of this plan, plus soccer skills? not so good)
L: Ok, but first I need to feed Morgan her lunch, ok?
S: I'm not hungry for lunch right now.
L: Seth, you had lunch an hour ago while Morgan was sleeping.
S: Oh...well, I'm not hungry for dinner yet either.

(upon hearing a mower outside)
L: someone is mowing your yard!
S: yeah, that's Jamie. When mommy hears Jamie outside she goes and writes a note real quick and runs out to give it to him
L: (figuring out that the "note" is a check) Well, I think she already wrote him a note this week. And I am not sure what the note says, so I'm not going to do that, ok?
S: ok.

I also did not discover that they had WiiFit, and did not take advantage of this as soon as the kids were in bed both nights. I do not want one of my own even more now. I do not miss their WiiFit now that I'm back in my own house.



HappyascanB said...

I did NOT like this post, but I canNOT quite figure out this Not me Monday business!?!?!?! Or do I get it?

rightonmom said...

Those were too funny!! I did not not like other words i did!

Thanks for visiting my blog last week!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Oh my goodness - those kids are hilarious. I would have been thinking the "note" was something much more fun - like an actual "note" and I'd be wondering what secret things she wrote... you'd think I watch soap operas.

Love the kid conversations. So cute.

Ashley said...

Kids are so cute and say some funny stuff! Love the "note"

Ooooh love wiifit!

joanofalltrades said...

I love Not Me Monday! Wii Fit rocks! I've so been neglecting mine. The weather is crazy in the ATL! They are talking about snow! You must be somewhere close to me.
Funny kiddies...

Bethany said...

It sounds like you had a a great weekend! Kids are too cute :)