Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Between girls night on Friday, an awesome concert on Saturday, a baby shower today, an English bulldog who is temporarily living at my house, and other crazy and wonderful things...I'm a day late on this!

Today's wordle:
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A Most Perfect and Wonderful Weekend

You know the weekends when everything goes right? There's gorgeous weather. You're babysitting a sweet English bulldog. You get a walk in on Friday afternoon and then have a group of great friends come over Friday night. Saturday dawns and you have a massage scheduled, after which you go to the boyfriend's house and walk together for about a mile to the stadium where Jason Mraz is opening for Dave Matthews Band. The weather remains perfect, and you collapse into bed upon getting home...Sunday morning comes, and while getting up is tough the sermon is amazing and worship is meaningful. Then there's the baby shower for a friend where lots of laughs and pictures (my favorite!) happen. And you wrap up the whole weekend by sipping on a cider and splitting a plate of fish and chips with good friends at the Pub.

Yeah. It's been a perfect weekend. Aaaah.
(thank you Captain Mayhem for your part in that :0)



Sunny Mom said...

OH so jealous, I love Jason Mraz! One of favs! Sounds like a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Sounds so fun! and oh my gosh so jealous! I NEED to see Jason Mraz haha!

Jaycee said...

Sounds like a great time! We had the opposite with one mishap after another. I guess you gotta have those too to appreciate the good ones! Ha ha!

Call Me Cate said...

Sounds fabulous! Thanks for playing this week.