Friday, November 5, 2010

Fitness Friday: and the case for exercise gets stronger

in searching for inspiration for this week's fitness friday i ran across this blog that gave me just that -- and just in time for colder weather and cold and flu season!
i've written before how studies have shown that exercise can help counteract lost sleep
and we all know it helps maintain/lose weight

but studies are now showing it might, just might
boost that immune system!

while the studies admit that people who exercise may just have a healthier lifestyle overall
it also concludes that virus-fighting white blood cells are boosted with exercise
by my count that's several points for regular exercise
and not too many for snuggling in on the couch



Caution Flag said...

Are you sure there was NO other news you could have posted instead????

Casondra said...

I'm going to need to up my exercise routine after the holidays. I'm ready for good food.

and, the comment above implying something else exciting happened in your life?