Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday's Ten: the late but yummy edition

i sent out a tweet yesterday asking for suggestions for today
and got some good ones
unfortunately, most of them i have planned to do DURING the holidays
and in my estimation
those start NEXT thursday

as i was bookmarking yet another recipe to try
i thought i'd share some that are in my "to try" box
from other bloggers
(maybe you!)

1.  molasses cookies from a former teacher (and current friend!) of mine
(i've wanted a recipe since starbucks stopped carrying this is high on my priority list to try)
(i'm going to see if i can make this with all organic ingredients...yummy!)
3.  meatball soup from the sporadic cook
(i love a nice hot comfort soup!)
4.  white chocolate pumpkin bread from jill (who i've known since birth pretty much :)
(she's so creative...and this sounds sooo good)
5.  southwest chicken wontons from marin's creations
(this has been in my files forever!  must.try.soon)
6. pumpkin pie spice cake from casondra
(she just posted this today -- what luck!)
(i'm a mashed potatoes purist -- just salt, pepper, butter and milk.  but this may change my ways once in awhile!)
8.  maple cream cheese frosting from la jolla mom
(yes please!)
9.  cilantro lime dressing from the double dipped life
(two of my most favorite things)
10.  strawberry lime shortcakes with coconut from our best bites
(mmm.  i may leave off the coconut, but they sound awesome)


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