Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hey, it's ok (tuesday)

hey...it's ok
(go visit amber for the original!)

... to put redi whip in your coffee if you're at a house that has it. it's just like creamer, riiight?

... to laugh at the words "sarah palin misspoke again" simply because you don't really think they are necessary anymore.  and that has nothing to do with politics, really.

... to watch phineas and ferb.  by yourself.

... to marvel about how people are obsessed with superficiality as you flip through a people magazine.  and then realize that the only reason you're looking through that particular magazine is because you're sitting under a dryer while the highlights your stylist just put in take effect...

... to really want to smack the wiifit lady in the face when she says "oh" in THAT tone of voice when you step on the board. 



Brooke said...

don't you just hate getting smacked in your superficial face about being judgmental? i feel ya!! :)

Vanessa said...

I don't like the "OH" either! Good post...always make me laugh!

Casondra said...

the 'OH' comment made me laugh! :)

Leslie said...

Been there, wiifit lady!!! LOL by the way, I love visiting your blog and listening to "Hallelujah" :)

Nicole said...

I'm a little behind on reading my blogs, but I watch P&F by myself all the time, and yes my students think I am nuts. And it's perfectly fine to want to hit the WiiFit lady when she says, "oh" when you step on the board!! I actually get excited when she DOESN'T say that!