Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday's Ten: to be a kid again

when's the last time you just acted like a kid?  sometimes we take ourselves waaay too seriously, you know?  so here's my little list for you today.

1.  go swing on the swings at a local playground, or play on the slides
2.  play tag.  or hide and seek.  or flashlight tag (the best of both!)
3.  dance in the rain
4.  actually PLAY with children -- yours if you are blessed with them...and if you're now, i'm certain you can find a parent who will gladly loan you a child or two for a few hours ;-)
5.  eat candy.  not a lot, but remember how you used to love ________ as a kid?  go have some!
6.  have a popsicle.  it'll bring back a rush of memories.
7.  read children's books.  sometimes there are truths in there that span the ages...and sometime they are just plain fun.
8.  use FUN dishes and silverware.  a touch of whimsy in your kitchen or other home decor is nice
9.  keep a few stuffed animals tucked away -- or use them in decor as well
10.  go to events at children's places that are meant for adults :)

(see, there IS a point for this post)

last week anthony and i went to the adventure science center for the "way late play date"
it's a 21 and up event, and yes there are 21 and up beverages served
(2 free drink tickets per person)
we played around with several exhibits
although we spent most of our time in the planetarium
once for a demo of the stars and stuff
and again for a separately ticketed laser show of U2 music
(i was *thrilled*)

pics you say?
here ya go
(all taken with my phone, so sorry they aren't crazy good quality)

 blurry pics of our entrance

 anthony makes a tornado
 we thought this was a green screen until we walked in front.  colors changed as we moved.  pretty fun.
 haven't played with one of these since middle school! 
 the heat thermal screens were way cool
 pretending to pick each other's noses because we're dorks
 we played this weird game
 and neither of us won. some random person came and joined and then left so we never saw our scores.
 we did giggle at this poster
 not the greatest shot, but you CAN see the skyline from the planetarium wing and it's uber-cool
so my point?  go have FUN today!


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Casondra said...

Looks like a blast!