Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday's Ten: random things you may not know about ...

(ok that sounds self-centered.  there really IS a reason below :)

please join me for this one!  i think i'm going to make it a once in awhile thing (random things about...potatoes.  or penguins.  or random things that start with the letter "p" since i already have 2 on the list ;)

today i'm combining my thursday's ten with accepting a blog award from the lovely casondra

here's the specifics for this particular award:

Rules for accepting this award are:
1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
thank you Casondra!

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
done below.  with 3 bonus things :)

3.  Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered.
15 RECENT?  hmmm...

4.  Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.

So 7 things about myself...

1. pretty much if you offer me chips i'll take you up on that.  huge weakness of mine is crunchy or savory snacks.

2. i can give myself a mean french manicure if all the elements are right.  but i can't for the life of me paint my toenails without getting polish everywhere.  i'm not sure if it's thinking i don't have to pay attention, or a subconscious way to convince myself i should get a pedicure.

3.  i love, love, love my friends.  they're pretty amazing.  
(casondra, my things are looking an awful lot like yours but i SWEAR i didn't mean them too!)

4.  i own like 2 lamps.  i don't know why -- i MUCH prefer lamplight to overhead.  i should probably fix that and ask for a lamp or two for christmas.

5. i love telling people i teach at a studio on music row.  if you lived in nashville you would know that's not really a HUGE deal, although the studio being there is quite convenient for industry contacts and the like...but it sounds pretty cool to out of towners.  except you, if you are reading this and didn't know that.  now you won't think i'm cool. oops
(please, if you're a regular reader of my blog you know i'm a big dork anyway ;)

6. my girl crush is olivia benson (mariska hargitay's character on law and order: svu)

7. i can take a good shower in 3 minutes flat (which came in handy during our month of water rationing after the floods in may) and can get ready in less than half an hour.  you would think this would make me early to places.  instead, it means that i literally wait until the last.possible.moment to step into the shower, and i'm ALWAYS running out the door.  i'm getting better about being it, but that fast shower and getting ready bit most definitely works against me.

8. *  i'm kind of jazzed about my new tab at the top -- a link to every.single.recipe i've ever posted on the blog.  it's broken into categories in alpha order, naturally.  there will be many more added, and i'm going to definitely keep it up to date.  honestly, this is going to make it a lot easier for me to direct people to recipes they ask for, or for me to find it and copy/paste :)

9. *  i have discovered strawberry milkshake poptarts, and pretty much i love them.

10. *  i can't WAIT to have a few hours in the kitchen this weekend.  how i've missed cooking!

*bonus tracks ;)

mmmkay, 15 new(ish) blogs.  well, in no particular order (except alpha) here they are!

(oh how i love this blog :)  the song that starts when you visit is an old favorite of mine!)

(funny, funny, funny!  and satire.  and sarcasm.  and funny.)

(a fellow nashvillian, and coupon lover.  plus she has a separate blog just for recipes.  do love!)

(an online friend of mine for ages...military wife and mom doesn't even begin to sum it up!)

(reading her profile, i can SO see mine reading similarly in a few years.  awesome new blog friend!)

(i'm a sucker for anyone who puts "blessed" in their title and means it, and she is wonderful!)

(cheeky, fun and smart, this is a woman i could sit around and talk to for hours!)

(i met her through our friend casondra, and she's such a sweet, amazing new friend!)

(don't you love the name?!  and the blog is just as good)

(one of those like-minded in so many ways bloggers...and she's expecting her first sweet bebe!)

(i love love stories, especially ones like theirs, which is so marked by the Father)

(ahhh, another crazy liberal christian.  see?  we DO exist!)

(this is one of my oldest and dearest friends...and she has a brand new blog!) 

(fresh perspective, got her stuff together kinda girl :)

(what a fun life they lead!  so full of adventure and inspiration -- she's an awesome runner!)

i'll be notifying my winners as the day goes on...but if you see your name here, consider yourself served.  in a good way, of course!



Casondra said...

Consider yourself it! :)

Mattie said...

ooh, excited about the recipe tab! cool!

Nicole said...

I LOVE being an old and dear friend! And I also can't wait to check out your recipes...

Sandra said...

Awww Lora, thank you for the award and the praise! You made my day!

Caution Flag said...

I'll be honest, I LOVE gifts. Thank-you!!!!

How in the world did you get that award thing to scroll? I'm very impressed :)

Think I used enough end marks in this comment?

Laura said...

I can take an incredibly quick shower too....freakishly every now and then I spoil myself and hang out for a while...tmi?