Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hey, it's ok tuesday

one of my favorite bloggers, amber, has been doing this for awhile and today i'm joining her!

hey, it's ok

... to still type in www.cingular.com when going to pay your at&t bill, simply because you liked cingular better
(and it still works, so other people must think it's ok too)

... to sleep in on tuesday because you were up for 20 hours on monday
(that's more than ok.  that's *necessary*!)

... to cry on a fairly regular basis while watching ellen

... to be focused on getting your living area clutter free for the sole reason that you want to put a Christmas tree up stat
(and by "stat" i mean the day after thanksgiving, of course)
... to pretty much subsist on a diet of soups and other hot foods for the next 3 months

... to absolutely HATE the fall back time change.  
(seriously, these are the saddest months of my life. getting dark between 4 and 5 is just NOT ok)

... to literally roll out of bed and go to work in yoga pants and a tank top/sweatshirt most days, especially if you change into "real" clothing and put on makeup before you actually see anyone except the 15 month old and his parents -- who are good friends of yours anyway.  
(are you telling me you'd do anything different if you had to be at work at 6 am?!)

... to really, really, really miss having a bathtub instead of just a shower stall.  and to really, really, be considering posting a facebook status about trading an hour of free babysitting for an hour of tub time.

... to have loved the oprah show (which you never watch) with the sound of music cast reunion SO much that you're trying to figure out how to get a dvd copy of it since you watched it on someone else's tivo



Mattie said...

Thanks for coming last night! You are welcome to borrow my tub or Sound of Music DVD anytime. :)

Bethany said...

I sometimes type in cingular sometimes too. I'm glad the link still works and I wish AT&T was still cingular. Hehe.

As for christmas, it's coming so fast...it's crazy! Two weeks until Thanksgiving (less than that now!) and THEN I will be okay with the Christmas music, Christmas trees, etc.