Wednesday, November 3, 2010

somebody forgot to tell me that it's apparently a monday

this morning began as most wednesdays do
with my alarm going off shortly after 5
unfortunately, it did little to rouse me out of bed
so i lay there for awhile, enjoying my warm bed
(i bought organic sheets on sale not too long ago and they are so.incredibly.comfy)
and i started hearing this strange noise upstairs
and just assumed that it was anthony's grandpa, although it was WAY too early for him to be stirring

and somehow in this meantime

i fell back asleep

sooo, i woke up (again) about the time i should be leaving
and *may* have said an inappropriate word
as i ran to the bathroom to brush my hair and throw on some clothing

and realized that i was still hearing that strange noise...
and THEN realized that i hadn't seen emi yet
which was odd

and as THAT sunk in, the word that i *may* have said earlier *may* have slipped again
as i ran up the stairs in only my undies
to let her back in
(that strange noise was her attempting to open the door -- i was hearing her paw scrape the underside of the door to the downstairs)

it was a pitiful "meow" that met me
and i felt soooo bad
(although, she'd been up there for less than 6 hours...but still)

so of course as soon as i got dressed i had to go upstairs to make sure she hadn't made any...messes...upstairs
thankfully, i didn't see anything out of the ordinary
(although i had to search in low light on tiptoe...)

and after all that, i thought
"well, maybe she won't be so sneaky about coming upstairs with me now!"
because i distinctly remember her coming upstairs with me last night
and i made sure (as i always do) that she headed back down the stairs before me
but i turned my back for a couple of seconds to put something in the dishwasher
sneaky, sneaky girl


after calling finn's mom (my friend jes) to let her know the craziness of the morning
i was on my way
waaaay late

i arrived and finn was still sleeping
(a miracle in itself)
and when he finally awoke an hour later
i went to get him out of his bed
he was excited to see me
smiling and clapping

i picked him up
and snuggled him close...

...only to realize that his wet diaper 
had completely soaked through his pj's
and now onto my clothing

something tells me i'll be heading home for a wardrobe change later on...

all this before 8 am
wonder what other craziness is in store today?

i'd better get more coffee.


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