Saturday, November 13, 2010

it's a great day to go to the christmas village

simplicity in black and white this week:

christmas village: last year at fairgrounds!

anthony and i have gone to the christmas village (a great collection of artisans and crafters, and foodies, and etc that sell gifts and christmas themed stuff) every year since we started dating.  this is our 3rd time to go to the village, and we're honestly not sure if it will even exist next year, since the TN state fairgrounds are being closed :(  

this year i scored us cheap tickets that we bought from a friend who wasn't able to use them.  we are headed there in about an's hoping for good shopping!  it's always fun :)

it does seem a bit funny to go to the christmas village when the temperature is in the mid 70s.  but lovely :)

after the village we're meeting up with our friend laura and her baby toddler izzy for dinner.  she's recently vegan, so i'm kind of excited to try a new place with vegan options!

i hope you all have a wonderful saturday!


Jingle said...


awards for you. Happy Thanksgiving! xx

Jingle said...

love the music in your blog,
way to go.
Happy Six Word Saturday.

Linda said...

Enjoy the Christmas Village and your meal with your friend.

Joann Mannix said...

We have a Christmas Village here, too. Just gorgeous hand made things and I just relish going every year. It puts me in such a Christmas spirit. Hope it was big fun and that the vegan feast was scrumptious.