Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's Memory: the one where a relative actually comes to nashville!

for whatever reason, i normally end up visiting my family in their place of residence
instead of them coming here
this is for a two-fold reason
i love to travel, first of all
and their lives seem infinitely busy
(my parents have the 3rd reason of me not necessarily wanting them to make the drive more than necessary)

but once in awhile
someone actually comes here
and i love it :0)

way back in 2006, my brother's ex wife
who will always and forever be my sister in law
(my family)
called me to tell me that she was bringing a group of students to nashville
for a convention

at the time i lived right between the hotel they were staying in
and the hotel they were conventioning in
so it just made sense
that i take off work a couple of days
and play tour guide
and just hang out

it was a great time
and yes, in the picture above we are standing in a graveyard
an old, historic and cool one
(her kids had quite a fascination...they made us pull over for pictures and exploration)

her divorce was only a few months old
and i was grateful
to be able to spend some extra time with her

perhaps i should let my family come here more often :-)



Nicole said...

Hey, I get some of the best pictures in cemeteries! Thanks for sharing...

Heather said...

That's great! I love it when people come to visit.

Casondra said...

Gave you a blog award. Details on mine. :)

LOVE this post, by the way!

Leslie said...

I love Nashville - I'll come visit!!! :)