Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday's Memory: the one with my lake

do you have one of those places that calls you back from time to time?
times when you're discouraged
at a decision point
that feel so much a part of you
that going there in the midst of chaos sort of sends everything scattering to the right place again?

when i first graduated college i moved
about 30 minutes north of the city
(logistically a nightmare, which is why i lived there for precisely ONE year)

the draw though
was that i had a ground floor apartment
that was directly across the street from a gorgeous lake
and i could literally step off my patio and walk across to it anytime i wanted

i have this thing about water
and this lake
was just special.

in november of 2008
just a couple of months after losing my job
i felt lost
without direction
nothing had materialized
and while i was "working" for a few families
i had no idea where to go from there
(little did i know the journey i was ALREADY on!)

i revisited "my" lake
and somehow
things seemed right again with the world
 if only for that 20 minutes.


1 comment:

Katie Gates said...

You're lucky to have a tranquil, grounding place, and to acknowledge it and be able to go there when you need to. I envy your lake!