Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hey it's ok tuesday

(visit amber, who originated this idea!)

hey, it's ok ...

... to only turn on children's programming that you can sort of stand unless it's an extreme emergency.  a nanny has to keep her sanity.  if that sanity includes strategically leaving out the options "word world" "barney" "cailou" and "yo gabba whatever" when reading off a list, so be it.

... to be thankful for so many things.  and to currently have VERY high on that list: pumpkin spice creamer.

... to be the crazy coupon lady.

... to consider it the success of your day to have turned the tears of a 3 year old who has just wiped out on the hardwood floors to giggles within 2 minutes.

... to be irritated by the dvr'd shows who say "stay tuned for scenes from next week's episode" because you know full well the dvr cut off those previews...

... to be completely weirded out by the idea of the new xray machines at airport.  i get and appreciate that they are amazing new safety things, but i can't say i'm going to enjoy walking through them!



Brooke said...

i think my cashier was disappointed in my that i only had $5 worth of coupons.

also - having dated, (and blocked all communication) from a TSA worker I'm sorta freaked out. If he's any indication as to your average agent...they are dirty pervs!

Vanessa said...

Yo gabba gabba....ugh! I feel the same! I've began clipping coupons from the Sunday paper and always leave them at home!!! Doh!