Saturday, November 20, 2010

it's a great day to enjoy the weather

surprise!  it's gorgeous out there today!

funny. it's been cold here all week and today? gorgeous. i don't mind this trend of cold miserable weeks followed by a rewarding gorgeous weekend!

i've already taught a lesson this morning and i babysit starting at 5 -- first for a small group (at minimum 12 kids, but the parents will be right.there) and then when small group leaves i'll stick around.  tis the season for holiday parties, and the hosts of the small group have one to go to!
yay more monies :)

have a wonderful day out there -- hope you enjoy it immensely!



Call Me Cate said...

It's nice here as well. I'm joying the leaves outside my window as sun filters through them. So beautiful. Hope the kids are well-behaved and fun!

Stephanie@BarefeetOntheFrontPorch said...

Gorgeous here as well! The kids have played outside all day and are anxiously awaited the promised s'mores around the fire pit tonight. I love this weather!

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

Hope you're evening goes well. WE've got some sunshine today too!

Vanessa said...

Because I've always wondered and never asked (and maybe it is explained in a blog that I've not read) what does the cloud of words you post in wonderfully different colors each week stand for?

WhisperingWriter said...

I wish it were nicer here. It's been pretty cold.