Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's a great day to sleep in

and sleep in i shall

sure there's homecoming at my university right.down.the.road
and earlier in the week i thought i would go

but honestly?
i'm tired.

and i don't know anyone who's going anyway.


i'm loving this week's wordle

after sleeping in -- coupon shopping time!

yep, i have a plan for some cvs deals...and some kroger shopping as well.  saving lots of money while spending very little?  sounds like perfection to me :)



Bethany said...

Well I think that Saturdays should be for sleeping, honestly! I don't plan to do much today-- some clothes organizing and reading :) YAY for Saturday!

Nicole said...

I slept in today as well! And I'm busily writing out my list for CVS so I can get in on the spend-$20-save-$4-deal myself! I love coupons.

Debbie said...

I really enjoy staying home more and more. I guess I'm getting old:)

Casondra said...

I got to sleep in today too, courtesy of my hubby!

Megan said...

God is front and center in this wordle! =)

Enjoy sleeping in and coupon shopping!